What is a Geothermal System?

Geothermal Systems are heat pumps that transfer heat between the ground and your home as opposed to traditional heat pumps that transfer heat between the outside air and your home. Unlike outdoor air, the earth is a constant 55 degrees allowing for SEER ratings of 25 and COP ratings exceeding 5.0.

Difference Between Heat Pump vs. Geothermal System

Heat pump systems are less expensive units to install and perform very well when sized and installed properly.  Heat pumps tend to get a bad reputation for a couple of reasons. When a home has bad windows and doors, hot air leaks out and it seems like the heater isn’t working very well. And in some cases, the heater overworks and breaks.  Also, in the past, to save money and maximize profits, some contractors installed too small of a heat pump, leading to a broken pump or ineffective heating of the home.

For geothermal heat systems, homes need to have the right conditions including the right soil, land size, and ground/surface water.  Geothermal heat pumps can use less electricity than conventional heating or cooling systems but are much more expensive and time intensive to install and maintain.